4 Reasons Your Building Needs Elevator Monitoring

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Your elevator is a critical system in your building, and just like your heating, windows, roof, and electrical service, it will eventually require attention that goes beyond what routine maintenance can provide. For your building to stay competitive with regard to maintaining its value and tenant confidence, you need to monitor your elevator so you know when to service or update an ageing system.

Elevator Monitoring System

Here are some other reasons why elevator monitoring is important:

  1. User safety
  2. Elevator monitoring ensures that the elevators are operating properly at all times and that the passengers riding within them will be safe in the event that something goes wrong. Malfunctions are an inevitable aspect of machines, and services such as elevator monitoring are critical when designing your overall building maintenance and management plan.

  3. To record and address malfunctions
  4. Every attribute of the elevator should be carefully controlled to ensure that things are working well at all times. A very fast ride can be physically detrimental to the passengers, while a very slow ride can impede traffic flow throughout the building, tempting users to overfill the elevator when they get the opportunity to use it. This can, in turn, overload the counterweight or damage the system, increasing the potential for danger for passengers on board and legal fallout.

    Readings for malfunctions are obtained from very sensitive sensors, and one aspect of elevator monitoring is to ensure that those sensors are functioning properly and can detect every change, no matter how small.

  5. Customer service
  6. Although there are different kinds of people using the elevators, it is best to optimise them for passengers who are in a hurry. If the elevator is not available in a few seconds, some passengers can get restless, causing them to take their business elsewhere. Effective elevator monitoring helps to identify issues that may cause delays, such as signal delays or pranks where someone pushes every floor button and then exits, to ensure optimal and consistent elevator performance and avoid related discontent within the building.

  7. Stop Crime
  8. Though elevator monitoring is mainly aimed at identifying and addressing malfunctions before any damage occurs, active monitoring can also help to spot unscrupulous individuals looking to commit crimes in the elevators or even worse. Your building can get a bad reputation if passengers are attacked in the elevators, or if robberies and other violent crimes take place inside your elevators due to neglect.

    Seek professional elevator monitoring

    Considering the number of incidents that can occur inside an elevator, including malfunctions and robberies, it is prudent to keep them actively monitored with guards, audio and visual equipment, or both, and more. This can make a huge difference between losing customer confidence and keeping your building competitive. For more information, talk to a.p.i. Alarm Inc. today.

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