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Commercial Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring | a.p.i. ALARM

Our Security Systems Integrate with Existing Sensors

Integrate your older wired or wireless alarm system sensors with your new security system.
Speak with a Security Consultant to learn about easy and economical business security system upgrades.

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Security System & Alarm Monitoring Packages

Each package is expandable with compatible devices and sensors. All packages feature 24/7 alarm monitoring.

Business Monitoring Basic

(Monitored via POTS/Analog Phone Line)

24/7 Alarm Monitoring
1x Control Panel
1x Full Display Keypad
2x Door Contacts
1x Motion Sensor
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Business Monitoring Basic

Business Monitoring GSM

(Monitored via Cellular)

24/7 Alarm Monitoring
1x Control Panel
1x Full Display Keypad
LE2080 GSM Communicator
4x Door Contacts
3x Motion Sensors
OR - Glassbreak, Smoke, CO, Flood Sensor
Mix & Match Available
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Business Monitoring GSM

Smart Business Monitoring

(Monitored via Cellular)

24/7 Alarm Monitoring
Smart Phone Connectivity
1x Control Panel & Keypad
or 7" Touch Control Panel
1x Full Display Keypad
TL880 GSM Communicator
4x Door Contacts
3x Motion Sensors
OR - Glassbreak, Smoke, CO, Flood Sensor
Mix & Match Available
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Smart Business Monitoring

Easily Upgrade and Add-on to your Security System

The control technology available in our security systems can enable you to connect to remotely arm or disarm the entire system or various zones, monitor security cameras, receive notifications, and monitor & control connected smart devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Choose from an array of compatible devices and sensors, including: motion sensors, door/window sensors, security cameras, smart lights, smart plugs, smart locks, smart thermostats, water shut-off valves, access control door locks, and more, all capable of integrating with your security system.

Multistory and multi-building site showing different security zones for each floor and building

Custom Security Solutions

We have created security packages of our services and products that are most commonly purchased together to give you more value at less cost. All of our services are custom tailored to your needs, which means the price of packages will vary based on your custom solution and the additional equipment being added.

The Ultimate Safety & Security

Burglary & Intrusion Detection
Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Monitoring
Remotely Control Smart Devices
Remotely Monitor your Security Cameras
Verify Guest Identity Before Granting Entry
Building & Zone Access Control
Remotely Monitor & Control Multiple Locations

Enhance your Security System

Further ensure your employee’s safety and building security with Alarm Response Guard Service, Alarm Response Video Verification, and Line Cut Protection.

Enhance the Alarm Response Video Verification service with Alarm Response Guard Service to save emergency services resources from being dispatched to false alarms, by dispatching a security guard to your business to verify its security and determine whether to call police or fire services.

Security guard checking in as part of Alarm Response Guard Service

Alarm Response Guard Service

Alarm Response Guard Service is available with all alarm monitoring packages. With guard response service, a licensed & uniformed security guard can be dispatched, rather than police, when intrusion is detected and we cannot reach you.

Combine with Alarm Response Video Verification to enable instant, remote video verification when your alarm is triggered, before dispatching a guard or first responders.

a.p.i. ALARM monitoring center's remote video verification displays

Alarm Response Video Verification

Prevent false alarms by enabling us to connect to your security cameras to verify if dispatching emergency services is required when your alarm is triggered and we cannot reach you.

Whether you’re in or away, you can can rely on a.p.i. ALARM and our locally-operated, ULC certified alarm monitoring station.

Smashed Security Panel Protected by Line Cut Protection

Line Cut Protection

Ensure protection against line cuts with a security system connected to our ULC certified alarm monitoring station via a wireless cellular connection.

Line cut protection refers to not only the ability for intruders to cut your phone line, but can also apply to how wired sensors are connected to your security system, ensuring the alarm triggers if tampering with a sensor or its wiring occurs.

Why Choose a.p.i. ALARM for Alarm Monitoring

Our ULC certified central alarm monitoring station is fully-owned, staffed, locally-operated inhouse, and strategically located.

We use advanced monitoring technology to ensure failsafe alarm monitoring that has been awarded ULC certification for fire alarm, fire sprinkler, and security system alarm monitoring.

We also proudly maintain a 5 Diamond Monitoring Center designation from The Monitoring Association.

Speak with an a.p.i. ALARM Security Consultant to learn about easy and economical business security alarm system monitoring options.

Laptop, smartwatch, smartphone and tablet showing connecting interface enabling alarm monitoring notifications and alerts to be sent to business owners and for them to view security cameras remotely

What to expect from Alarm Monitoring

A professionally installed and monitored commercial security system is your best protection against the risk of loss caused by an intrusion. In a matter of seconds of detecting unauthorized entry, the security system alerts the monitoring station of an alarm. The signal is relayed via the telephone line, cellular transmitter, internet, or dedicated circuit to the monitoring station. Some systems use two of these technologies to achieve redundant reporting as recommended ULC (Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada).

After an alarm has been detected by an intrusion device, such as a motion detector, door sensor, personal safety device, glass break detector, or carbon monoxide detector, the monitoring station dispatches the correct responders or agency, and all activity is recorded for later review.

Alarm Monitoring Features

Save on Insurance
Meet Regulatory Requirements
Ensure Employee Safety
Protect Buildings & Assets
Security Consultants working in a.p.i. ALARM's ULC-certified Alarm Monitoring Station

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

Our ULC certified alarm monitoring station is staffed by trained and experienced a.p.i. ALARM Security Experts, we are equipped to handle any disaster that may strike. There are many reasons why you should have a monitored security system installed in your business premises, such as a fire or a pipe bursting in the middle of the night, or a burglary. If the area is neither occupied nor monitored in the off hours, no one will be able to tell if the building has been compromised.

  • State-of-the-art systems with systemic redundancy for enhanced security
  • The a.p.i. ALARM Security Experts advantage. Support when you need it, where you need it.
  • Alarm monitoring services give you the first line of defense in calling emergency units in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or medical emergency, and correct evacuation of the building can commence immediately while the crews arrive. In turn, this may reduce the risk of life or property loss by getting the emergency units to the scene faster.

Alarm Monitoring for Existing Security Systems & Sensors

Alarm Monitoring from a.p.i. ALARM can be integrated with nearly all existing security systems. Our Security System packages provide an easy upgrade option that can use existing wired or wireless alarm system sensors, alongside new devices & sensors.

Smarter Ways to Protect your Business

Compatible Sensors & Devices

Qolsys IQ4 Touch Panel with 7" Screen
Qolsys IQ4 Touch Panel
DSC PowerSeries NEO Commercial Security System with Sensors and Devices
DSC PowerSeries NEO
Qolsys IQ Pro Commercial Security System Control Panel
Qolsys IQ Pro
Multistory and multi-building site showing different security zones for each floor and building
Multiple Zones/Partitions

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