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Enhance Security with an Access Control System

Zone, Partition & Guest Access
Scheduling & Time Tracking
Remote Administration
Fob, Card, Code & Biometric
Visitor tapping their keycard on an access control system keypad/card reader mounted on a wall with a mobile alert notification showing the visitor gained entry

Protect your Premises with Access Control

The access control systems we implement for customers are sophisticated electronic devices that link to door locks, door openers, IT systems, hospitality management systems, garage door controllers, and keypads, all requiring careful consideration when planning an access control solution.

With an advanced access control system you’ll be able to control access to different areas of your building remotely from your mobile device and receive instant text messages and video clips in the event of a breach; prevent access by former employees; received onsite reports of authorized and unauthorized access attempts; and avoid the costly problem of re-keying your office doors and commercial building.

Upgrade & Enhance your Existing Access Control System

Upgrade existing access control systems to modernize them without the costs associated with a new access control solution.

We work with customers of all sizes, from large commercial buildings, public and institutional buildings, hotels and condos, gated communities, warehouses, sprawling industrial facilities, airports, and more.

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Access Control Systems Products

Kantech sccess control system with readers, keyfobs, and control panel
KANTECH Access Control Systems
Collection of ioSmart card readers, keypads, and kantech access cards.
ioSmart Card Readers
ioSmart Mobile Credentials showing a mobile phone with the entrapass app enabling mobile smart credentials for use with an access control system
ioSmart Mobile Credentials
Kantech Telephone Entry System control box with display and keypad
Telephone Entry Systems
Biometric fingerprint reader for use with access control systems
Biometric Fingerprint Readers
Collection of Proximity card readers, fobs, and keycards
Proximity Readers & Cards
Collection ShadowProx keypads and card readers
ShadowProx Readers & Cards
Collection of Polaris Magnetic Stripe Readers, Magnetic Swipe Cards and Polaris Keypad & Swipe Readers
Polaris Mag Stripe Readers & Cards
Computer showng Entrapass remote admin software interface on the screen in a web browser
Entrapass Remote Admin
Smart Door Lock with Keypad
Smart Locks
Doorbell Camera
Doorbell Cameras logo Integration
Motion Sensor with Camera
Motion Sensors with Cameras

Why Choose a.p.i. ALARM for your building’s Access Control Solution

Our ULC certified central alarm monitoring station is fully-owned and locally-operated.

We use advanced monitoring technology to ensure failsafe alarm monitoring for security systems, fire alarms, and fire sprinklers.

We also proudly maintain a 5 Diamond Monitoring Station designation from The Monitoring Association.

Diagram showing how an access control system works with remote admin software and mobile apps

How Access Control Systems Work

Our access control solutions allow you to monitor and safeguard your building with the ability to restrict certain areas and/or during certain times, enable guest access with automatic deactivation and zone restrictions, and to easily add and update key codes, keycards, and biometric access details for thousands of users and doors simultaneously.

a.p.i. ALARM will work with you to design and install an access control solution purpose-built for your situation, building layout, infrastructure, and future needs.

Protect Your Employees, Tenants, and Assets with Access Control

Our access control systems use the latest technology allowing you to monitor and safeguard your employees, tenants, and assets, with the ability to restrict movement within buildings, lock down sensitive areas, and survey the premises both inside and outside with integrated video surveillance.

Rely on a.p.i. ALARM’s over 40 years of experience and our highly-trained, certified, and licensed technicians’ expertise and experience to properly install and integrate an access control system in your new or finished building, or to upgrade or service your existing access control system.

Two types of access control systems, a telephone entry system control box with display and keypad and a Kantech access control system control panel with a cutaway showing the circuit boards inside

Types of Access Control Systems

We design, install, and maintain all types of access control systems. Telephone entry systems and intercoms are often used for multifamily residential buildings, we also installed carded, biometric, keyfob, and coded access control systems for offices and institutional buildings, warehouses and storage facilities, schools, stores, gated communities, and more.

We work with each client individually to design and implement the most suitable, effective, and enduring access control system, that meets your exact requirements.

Large multisite of buildings with graphic overlay showing different zones used for access control system integration

What Buildings use Access Control Systems

Access Control, Intercom & Telephone Entry Systems give you the power to control and monitor access to your office or store, commercial office, public or institutional building, multifamily building, hotel/motel, dorm, gated community, marina, parking lot, industrial facility, warehouse, hangar, and any other premise requiring secured, tracked, managed, controlled access.

Things to Consider

Large commercial installations present unique challenges for security and access control, the requirements are diverse and intricate, and expertise is required to ensure a resilient, effective, and enduring solution.
a.p.i. ALARM’s access control solutions solutions offer proven reliability across multiple tenants, full building services integration, and scalability, without compromising flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the access control system’s components.
Our powerful, cost-effective, and user-friendly access control systems deliver solutions that will meet your requirements, facilitate easy administration, and enable future expansion and upgradability.

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