Elevator Monitoring Services

The Elevator. A place where you are all alone. And also a place where you can be totally helpless. Luckily, this isn’t the case when you have a.p.i. Alarm Inc.’s Elevator Protect Service.



You have probably observed a telephone or call button in elevators that allow you to call for help should the elevator get stuck due to power loss or system failure. We are the ones who respond to that distress call.

Our ULC Certified monitoring station provides security to elevators in much the same way as we do for burglary alarms. However, elevator monitoring is a bit different from alarm response, since being trapped in an elevator can be a traumatic experience, especially when you’re left in the dark and don’t know when the light will be back on or when the door will open. We recognise the seriousness of such an event, and so our personnel are trained to provide a calming voice and assurance that emergency services have been dispatched.

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We're Always There

With APES, you can be sure that someone is always there to answer when you hit the red emergency button. Once APES is installed in your elevator systems, a.p.i. Alarm Inc. Security Experts will monitor the emergency button and will inform the appropriate authorities – fire department, security guards, property management – whoever is closest to you so that we can get you out of that elevator as fast as possible.


How It Works

  • We Make The Call
    If we detect a problem, we analyse and diagnose the cause and location. We make the service call for you. It helps when the professionals identify the component causing the problem. By taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting, service interruptions are reduced dramatically.
  • Fast Response
    If we detect an urgent problem, we report the condition to our 24-hour communications centre. When one of our representatives receives word of a shutdown, he or she alerts and dispatches a trained and proficient mechanic immediately. Our service also includes elevator phone monitoring.
  • Prevent Callbacks
    Our greatest benefit is identifying most potential problems before they occur. Our system detects deteriorating components, identifies intermittent anomalies, and notes the small nuisances that, until now, would have gone undetected until they became real problems. Intermittent problems are often fixed before they annoy you or your customers.
  • Performance and Service History
    We give you access to your elevator performance and service history. Day or night, you can access and keep track of your elevator’s routine operation.

What We Offer

  • Peace of mind by continuously monitoring your elevators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Reduced service interruptions by providing accurate information to identify and correct most problems quickly and promptly.
  • Faster detection, bringing your elevators back in service before you or your clients know there is a problem.
  • Quick response. We make the service call for you so a mechanic is dispatched immediately for urgent problems.
  • No additional monitoring costs. Your elevator phone is monitored as part of your elevator monitoring service.