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Commercial Security Alarm & Monitoring Systems




We at a.p.i. Alarm Inc. care about you, your family, your business, your assets, and everything related. Please feel free to contact us for any query, doubt, apprehension, thought or second thought that you may be having about installing an electronic security and monitoring system. We invite you to take our No Obligation Security Review to see if there is any vulnerability in your security system that needs to be plugged.

In today’s fast-paced world, you need to have the most up-to-date commercial security alarm systems for your business. At a.p.i Alarm, we offer a range of security systems and packages to improve your security and reduce losses and liability. Our smart integrated technology gives you peace of mind for your business, customers, employees and prevents future issues.

At a.p.i Alarm, we know that you want to concentrate your efforts entirely on your business -- that’s why we offer commercial security monitoring services. Our team consists of security and fire safety professionals committed to protecting your business or office. Our team can install closed-circuit TV (CCTV), sophisticated video surveillance solutions, cloud based access control and guard various locations throughout your company.

We are prepared and committed to cater to your most challenging and trying security needs. With protocols and systems in place along with our highly trained and efficient staff, you can be sure that any emergent situation will get proper and immediate response. Please use the form below to get in touch with us or call us or write to us and we will get right back at you! To get a thorough analysis of your security needs and find out how a.p.i. Alarm Inc. can help address those needs, contact our once today to speak to our Security Experts.

The Complete Solution For all your Business Security Needs

ULC Certified Monitoring

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) is an organization that offers high-quality inspections, product safety testing, and the necessary certification. Alarm equipment in Canada must be ULC Certified. Top calibre commercial alarm monitoring companies, like a.p.i Alarms, will only have ULC Fire & Burglary Certified Monitoring solutions on offer.

Lone Worker Monitoring

For employees working alone, we have cloud-based worker safety monitoring and tools. These individuals can stay protected when working by themselves and avoid potential hazards. Our lone worker monitoring systems are affordable and work for teams of all sizes.

Guard Response

a.p.i Alarm’s guard response solutions give you peace of mind, day or night. Our guard response services are available as perimeter or interior. With perimeter services, a guard is sent to your workplace to identify potential security breaches. Interior services involve a guard entering your office or workspace to patrol the area.

Access Control, Intercom & Telephone Entry Systems

Access Control allows you to use secure credentials, whether fob or access card, to gain entry to buildings or restricted areas.This comes complete with logs to provide audit trail and can interface with time and attendance for record keeping. Commercial telephone entry are security measures that utilize phone service and an internet connection to call up a phone number to request access. This method is completed through voice communication to approve any potential access and trigger output relays by pushing a button via the phone.

Elevator Monitoring

Our elevator monitoring solutions work similar to burglar alarms; we can respond to any emergency scenario. Trapped in an elevator can be an anxiety-inducing experience. If this occurs, our team is trained to talk you through it calmly while we immediately dispatch emergency responders.

Fire Systems & Sprinkler Monitoring

Annual fire inspections monitor your fire handling capabilities, ensuring sharp accuracy in detecting faults and emergencies. Our fire systems and monitoring station monitors your commercial buildings and appliances for gas leakage, fires, floods, or personal emergencies. We will send a signal to our primary headquarters to take the necessary action for the protection of your family, employees, customers and property.

This industry leading ULC approved Fire Sprinkler Monitoring system notifies the fire department in case of an emergency and notifies you, in case there is a problem.

Video Surveillance & Verification

With traditional alarms, you are only alerted if an alarm has been set off, which could be anyone at your workplace, like a custodian. That’s why video surveillance and verification is essential — you can see what is happening when an alarm is tripped.

Video surveillance and verification can enhance your company’s productivity because you don’t have to worry about every incident. Our video monitoring operators will closely watch for any break-ins and dispatch emergency responders if suspicious activity is identified. You can request that video clips are sent to your mobile device, allowing you the option to identify any potential threats.

Video Surveillance and Verification for Your Business

One of our most popular offerings is the a.p.i Alarm Inc. Eyes in the Sky Video Surveillance service. With this solution, you can view live stream videos of your office from virtually anywhere. With multiple outdoor and indoor cameras, you can view live video of your premises on any device, whether it’s your mobile phone or computer. This feature allows you to rest easy and reduce the risk of a possible burglary.

Here are some of the benefits of Eyes in the Sky System:

  • The ability to check the identity of all guests before granting entry
  • Have peace of mind in knowing that your premises and employees are safe
  • Monitor multiple locations remotely
  • Stay connected from across the world
  • Deter burglars and intruders

Why Choose a.p.i?

At a.p.i Alarm, we can help you take a more proactive approach to business intrusions. We offer the best in commercial security monitoring services for our clients — we design and assemble security solutions that work for your individual business security needs. That way, you don’t have to worry about any potential security mishaps.

By working with a.p.i Alarm, you have complete control of your interactive alarm system and can check-in remotely at anytime. Be sure to get in touch with us today at 1-866-646-1725, and we can discuss what alarm commercial security monitoring systems will work best at your business.


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