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Total Awareness of Vehicle Data & Driver Behaviour

Manage fleet maintenance needs, evaluate driving behavior, and track vehicle locations in real-time with the Connected Fleet Dashboards.

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Connected Fleet Dashboard

Drive Productivity
and Efficient Vehicle Usage

Connected Fleet ensures 24/7 security and management technologies for your entire fleet of vehicles. Track actionable insights like vehicle speeds, braking behavior, frequent routes, and current locations, all in real time with an interactive map interface.

Fleet Trip Reports are also available on demand for a breakdown of fleet operations, have them sent to your email automatically on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Fleet management tracking software

Scale to fit your business
from Small-business to Enterprise

Whether you’re managing a fleet for a small, mid-sized, large or enterprise business, Connected Fleet provides a solution for up to 100 vehicles per location — with an unlimited location capacity. This means a virtually unlimited number of vehicles can be centrally tracked and managed.

Vehicle tracking software for fleets

Complete Insight and Total Awareness

Stay on top of your entire fleet in real-time. Fleet Trip Reports enable you to maximize fleet efficiency by identifying individual vehicle behaviors any time. Track exactly how much fuel your vehicles are consuming to save on costs. Get notifications when vehicles are low on fuel or run into trouble on the road, and receive automated reports straight to your inbox.​

Easy installation of fleet tracking device

Easy Install, Fast Reporting

Our Connected Fleet system installs in seconds, no technician needed, just plug in the device and it automatically connects and is ready for use, making it quick and easy to get started. Our OBD-II device uses cellular connectivity that is always stays online and remains connected virtually everywhere.

Efficiency Driven

We make it easy to monitor fleet fuel consumption and efficiency to save money. Get notifications when vehicles are low on fuel or encounter trouble conditions, such as a check engine light or dangerous driving behaviors.

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Track unique vehicle data and Optimize your Fleet

The Ultimate in Fleet Management

Always Connected via Cellular
Easily Installed to Every Vehicle in your Fleet
Monitor Vehicle Data & Driver Behaviour
Gain Actionable Insights & Data

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