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Residential Security Alarm Systems & Solutions



Home: the place where you and your loved ones gather to rest and sleep after the day’s activities. Your home should be safe, but are there times when you, your partner, or your children feel insecure within the confines of your walls? What about when you’re not home and the kids are alone?

What happens in those crucial few minutes before a 911 call is made can be the defining few seconds of your life and the lives of your family members? You cannot afford to leave this to chance.

Your home is one of your most valuable assets and a place where you want to feel safe with your loved ones. Safety is essential in any home, and the best residential security alarm systems can help you stay protected.

At a.p.i Alarm, we provide you with the best home security solutions to meet your specific needs. Our system has flexible and customizable options that work with your unique space or complex so that you don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous situations at home.

The Complete Home Security System

Intrusion Protection

Our intrusion protection systems use an easy-to-use keypad with a variety of style options to suit your personal taste. To top it off, our smart home application will allow you to remotely access the system anywhere in the world, from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Our residential intrusion protection security system is an excellent option, offering complete home security. Plus, it is fully customizable. Our home alarm systems allow you to arm and patrol a specific area — find relief in knowing you, your loved ones, and assets are protected both at home or when you’re away.

Fire Protection

Fire alarm devices can be integrated with your home security solution. Whether smoke detectors, heat detectors or both, at a.p.i. Alarm we take care of it all. In addition, we provide environmental monitoring including low temperature detection, gas leakage and flooding. You can have peace of mind by knowing that all these hazards are being monitored 24 hours a day.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Since carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable, it can negatively impact you, your loved ones, or pets. Many homes have C.O. sources throughout, so it’s vital to identify any leak and protect yourself against this. Our carbon monoxide detectors alert you to any C.O. leak within your home.

Guard Response

Our expert team has gone through a rigorous process to partner with reliable security guard companies. Our selection is highly regarded throughout Canada, allowing us to offer top-quality services and security to our customers.

24 Hour Monitoring

With our continual home security alarm monitoring, you won’t have to worry about your home when away. Our monitoring station monitors your home for intruders, fires, floods, or personal emergencies. We will send a signal to our primary headquarters to take the necessary action for your protection.

Line Cut Protection & Signal Reliability

At a.p.i. Alarm, we offer multiple modes of monitoring your alarm system to ensure everything is working correctly. Whether by GSM Cellular Monitoring or IP Solutions, your signals will reliably reach our monitoring station. For those that still have a home phone line, these methods can be used as a backup in case of technical failures or shutdowns.

Benefits of a Home Security System

There are many benefits of a residential security system — ensure your family’s safety and remove any anxieties that arise from not feeling secure enough in your home. Here are some more advantages of a home security alarm monitoring service:

Deters Burglars

Our alarm system has the power to deter potential burglars. Once it has been set off, the appropriate authorities will be made aware and dispatched immediately.

More Options for Convenience

A bonus of house alarm systems is the many features that benefit your home. Alarm systems can evaluate your energy usage and shut off certain utilities while you’re away. With our home security alarm system, you’ll notice lower utility bills and that you’ve saved on energy.

These alarm systems can be integrated with your temperature, garage doors, locks and lighting. These features make your home security more convenient, as you can operate them from your mobile devices.

Reduces Insurance Costs

If you implement a house security alarm, many insurance companies will offer incentives to you. This benefit can be another way to reduce your expenses.

Remote Control

With an effective home security system, you can control your surveillance remotely. This solution gives you the capabilities of watching your home from anywhere and at all times. Watch the security footage live on a smartphone app and get alerted if anyone leaves or enters the home.

a.p.i As Your Home Security Specialist

a.p.i Alarm Inc. is the largest privately owned and operated alarm monitoring network throughout North America. We have developed a solid reputation within our community through our authentic commitment to our clients, offering unparalleled security services.

Since every home is unique, we offer solutions tailored to each client. We provide various security solutions for any type of home and residential area. Our investment in our customers’ security ensures that you feel safe in your residence. We abide by the standards set forth by the U.L.C. so that you can rely on us for all your home security requirements.


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