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Home Security Systems with Alarm Monitoring | a.p.i. ALARM

Home Security System Upgrades & Integration with Existing Sensors

Integrate your older wired or wireless alarm system sensors with your new Smart Home Security System.
Speak with a Security Consultant to learn about easy and economical home security system upgrades.

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Smart Home Security & Alarm Monitoring Packages

Each security system package is expandable with compatible devices and sensors. All packages include 24/7 alarm monitoring.

Home Alarm Monitoring

(Monitored via POTS/Analog Phone Line)

24/7 Home Alarm Monitoring
1x Control Panel
1x Full Display Keypad
2x Door/Window Sensors
1x Motion Sensor
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Home Alarm Monitoring

Smart Home Monitoring

(Monitored via Cellular)

24/7 Home Alarm Monitoring
Smart Phone Connectivity
1x 7" Touch Panel
3x Door/Window Sensors
3x Motion Sensors
OR - Glassbreak, Smoke, CO, Flood Sensor
Mix & Match Available
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Smart Home Monitoring

Smart Home Monitoring Plus

(Monitored via Cellular)

24/7 Home Alarm Monitoring
Smart Phone Connectivity
1x 7” Touch Panel
3x Door/Window Sensors
3x Motion Sensors
OR - Glassbreak, Smoke, CO, Flood Sensor
2x Smart Devices Included
Mix & Match Available
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Smart Home Monitoring Plus

Benefits of Monitored Smart Home Security Systems

Prevent & Detect Burglary & Intrusion
Remotely Arm & Disarm your Security System
Remotely Monitor your Security Cameras
Remotely Open & Close your Garage Door
Remotely Control Smart Home Devices
Detect Water Leaks & Prevent Flooding
Integrate with Home Fire Protection
Animated demonstration of a smart home security system control panel

How do Home Security Systems Work?

Our home security systems are controlled by either one or multiple keypads, full-colour 7-inch touch panels, or the app included with our Smart Home Monitoring plans.

Our Smart Home Monitoring plans enable you to control and monitor your security system and security cameras, and receive notifications on your phone, tablet, or computer, from anywhere with a cell signal and/or internet connection.

All home security plans feature multiple zones, easy expansion with compatible devices, and compatibility with proximity tap readers, so busy families can easily arm or disarm on the go with a small key fob. Indoor and outdoor security cameras and doorbell cameras can be added to either Smart Home Monitoring plans.

Multi-zone security system installations enable you to arm and patrol a particular area of your home so you can rest easier knowing your system is always protecting your family and property, whether you’re at home or away.

a.p.i. ALARM's ULC-certified Alarm Monitoring Station

Why You Need Home Alarm Monitoring

With home alarm monitoring, you’ll never need to worry about coming home only to find doors open and your possessions exposed to the elements. Our locally-operated ULC certified alarm monitoring station can monitor your home for fire, burglary, carbon monoxide, flood, building temperature, and even personal emergencies (e.g. medical).

Upon triggering of your alarm system and failure to disarm, a signal is instantly sent to our central alarm monitoring station where an experienced a.p.i. ALARM security expert will assess the situation and immediately dispatch emergency services, if required.

Smartphone, alarm siren and motion sensor with smart phone showing and arm/disarm button and that the front door is unlocked in the smart home security system app

How Home Alarm Monitoring Works

When one or more of your security system’s sensors detects an intrusion, glass break, smoke, heat or carbon monoxide, and you haven’t disarmed the alarm system within the allocated time, your security system will instantly send a signal to our locally-operated 24-hour alarm monitoring station.

Within seconds of your alarm triggering and not being disarmed, an a.p.i. ALARM security expert will verify the alarm and take one of several actions based on the instructions within your account, these include:

  • Calling the premises to confirm the exact nature of the emergency
  • Calling you or an emergency contact to verify & notify of the alarm
  • Remote video verification of the alarm triggering
  • Dispatching a security guard to investigate and verify the alarm
  • Dispatching emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)

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Diagram of a complete smart home security system with numerous wired and wireless security sensors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and other smart devices

Custom Home Security Solutions

We can help you customize a residential security solution that meets the precise security requirements of your home and property. Backed by 24/7 home alarm monitoring by our ULC certified alarm monitoring station, quick alarm response, and outstanding local service, a.p.i. ALARM is the best choice to protect your home and keep your family safe.

Our custom home security solutions also feature:

  • 24/7 Home Alarm Monitoring
  • Immediate Alarm Response and optional Guard Response
  • Customized Installations for any residence or property
  • Easy integration with Video Surveillance Systems

Enhance and Add-on to your Home Security System

Our smart security systems are easily enhanced with new sensors, smart devices, and cameras as your needs evolve. The remote control technology available in our smart security systems enables you to connect and remotely arm/disarm the entire system or various zones, lock/unlock doors, control lights, monitor security cameras, receive notifications, and monitor & control other connected smart devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Home Security System Compatible Sensors & Smart Devices

a.p.i. ALARM provides Home Security Systems capable of expanding to include numerous sensors and smart devices. Choose from an vast array of compatible smart devices and sensors, including: smart lights, smart plugs, smart locks, smart thermostats, water shut-off valves, smart garage door controllers, and more, all capable of integrating and further enhancing your smart home security system.

a.p.i. ALARM Homepage
24 Hour Alarm Monitoring
Qolsys IQ4 Touch Panel with 7" Screen
Qolsys IQ4 Touch Panel
Qolsys IQ4 Base
Qolsys IQ4 Base
PowerSeries NEO Full Display Keypads
Full Display Keypad logo Integration
Motion Sensor
Motion Sensors
Door/Window Sensor
Door/Window Sensors
Recessed Door/Window Sensor
Recessed Door/Window Sensors
Glass Break Detector
Glass Break Sensors
Tilt Sensor
Tilt Sensors
Shock Detector
Shock Detectors
Alarm Siren
Alarm Sirens
Smart Lightbulb
Smart Lightbulbs
Smart Outlet
Smart Outlets
Smart Plug
Smart Plugs
Doorbell Camera
Doorbell Cameras

Alarm Monitoring Enhancements

Further protect your home and ensure your family’s safety with Alarm Response Video Verification, Alarm Response Guard Service, and Line Cut Protection.

Alarm Response Video Verification and Alarm Response Guard Service can save precious emergency services resources from being dispatched to false alarms, by enabling us to monitor your cameras, and/or a security guard to be dispatched to verify your security and ascertain whether police/fire/ambulance are needed, should your alarm be triggered and we cannot reach you.

Security guard checking in as part of Alarm Response Guard Service

Alarm Response Guard Service

Alarm Response Guard Service is available with all alarm monitoring packages. With guard response service, a licensed & uniformed security guard can be dispatched, rather than police, when intrusion is detected and we cannot reach you.

Combine with Alarm Response Video Verification to enable instant, remote video verification when your alarm is triggered, before dispatching a guard or first responders.

a.p.i. ALARM monitoring center's remote video verification displays

Alarm Response Video Verification

Prevent false alarms by enabling us to connect to your security cameras to verify if dispatching emergency services is required when your alarm is triggered and we cannot reach you.

Whether you’re home or away, you can can rely on a.p.i. ALARM and our locally-operated, ULC certified alarm monitoring station.

Smashed Security Panel Protected by Line Cut Protection

Line Cut Protection

Ensure protection against line cuts with a home security system connected to our ULC certified alarm monitoring station via a wireless cellular connection.

Line cut protection refers to not only the ability for intruders to cut your phone line, but can also apply to how wired sensors are connected to your security system, ensuring the alarm triggers if tampering with a sensor or its wiring occurs.

Monitoring for Existing Home Security Systems & Sensors

Home Alarm Monitoring from a.p.i. ALARM can be integrated with nearly all existing security systems.

Speak with a Security Consultant to learn about our economical home security monitoring options.

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