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What Do You Do When You’re Stuck in an Elevator?

What to do when you're Stuck in an Elevator

It’s many people’s worst claustrophobia-inducing nightmare: imagine stepping into an elevator, your building’s elevator no less, and hearing a grinding screech when it shudders to a halt, trapping you behind thick metal doors, hanging in a shaft with no way out. So what exactly should you do if the worst happens and you find yourself caught between a hard place and a precipitous fall?

First Step: Press the emergency button – by pressing the emergency button it will signal to the security or directly to the monitoring centre, and they will ensure that the appropriate support is dispatched.

Another important tip is to remain calm. When the carriage comes to a stop and you find yourself trapped, the instinct may be to start panicking, but remain calm. Remember that help is on the way. Just remind yourself while you’re waiting that elevators are extremely safe and that statistically speaking, your life is almost certainly not in danger. It’s a problem, but probably not a life-threatening one.


While all elevators have alarms, the people behind the alarms can differ wildly — a.p.i. ALARM is one company that provides elevator monitoring services, and their rapid response capabilities ensure that someone is always available on the other end when the red emergency button is pressed. a.p.i. ALARM also immediately dispatches the appropriate authorities when needed, meaning that there’s always immediate help and support available if an elevator emergency occurs with a.p.i. ALARM elevator monitoring in place. It’s worthwhile, and necessary, to ensure your elevators are equipped with an elevator monitoring service.


Hopefully, now you see that being trapped in an elevator is more psychologically scary than physically dangerous. The most important thing to do if it happens is to keep your wits about you and follow the steps to get help.

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