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What Is A Smart Security Alarm

Statistics show that houses without a security system in place are 2.7 more times likely to be selected by a burglar than houses with a security alarm. When it comes to security alarms, there are lot of options to choose from. One of the more advanced types of security systems is the “smart security system,” which allows you to monitor and control your security alarm remotely via your smartphone, smartwatch (making it wearable) or other device.

For example, a smart security alarm allows you to arm and disarm your alarm at a distance. You will receive notifications on your device in the event that an alarm goes off. You can add additional features to your smart security alarm as well, including surveillance cameras and smoke detectors.

This “smart” security system fits into the recent trend of “smart homes” wherein homeowners are beginning to monitor and control items in their home, like their door locks, without having to be present.

How Does a Smart Home Security Alarm Work?

A smart security alarm connects to your home Wi-Fi, which then allows you to control your security alarm from the device of your choosing via the accompanying mobile app. Most systems will come with a couple of different sensors for around your home as well as a motion detector.

Benefits of A Smart Home Security System:

  • More Protection.The fact that smart security alarms notify you that an alarm is going off at your house while you’re away means that you can act immediately. Without this notification in place, you might come home to find thousands of dollars of damage. If you choose the 24-hour monitoring service at a.p.i. Alarm Inc., this means that your house is monitored at all times. If a threat is detected, a.p.i. Alarm Inc. contacts the police on your behalf.
  • Peace of Mind.If you opt for the surveillance feature in your smart security system, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can monitor your home and that it is safe while you are away. With a.p.i. Alarm Inc.’s Alarm in the Sky, you can view live streaming video of your home or office via any device and from wherever you are.
  • Highly Customizable.Depending on your needs and your budget, you can customize your security alarm to get the exact features that you need.

a.p.i. Alarm Inc. offers a number of customizable smart security systems and services, including video surveillance and 24-hour monitoring services so that you don’t have to worry about your home or loved ones again. Contact our team of professionals today for more.