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Smart Security Systems 2023 and Beyond

There has never been a better time to invest in the economical technology and security solutions available to keep your home or your business safe, and to help automate certain parts of your home or business. From customizable security systems that enable you to not just arm and disarm your system remotely, but to also live-view video from your security cameras, receive alert notifications, and control connected smart devices including thermostats and garage door openers.

The technology available for residential and commercial security makes advances every year and the relative cost of the the security products becomes much more affordable as the security technology matures. With the maturity of smart security systems, there are now numerous affordable smart security devices that can make your life, building, family and employees safe, secure and comfortable in your premises, whilst affording you the peace of mind that you can check-in as needed. There are multiple options available to ensure that your home and business are well protected, we’ll list a few below, but please feel free to contact us to discuss a full range of customizable residential and commercial security solutions.

24-hour Security Alarm Monitoring

Security alarm monitoring of connected security systems ensures that action can be taken when an alarm is triggered. With your security system connected to our ULC alarm monitoring station, you can be assured that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a.p.i. ALARM security monitoring experts are standing by to dispatch emergency services, an emergency contact, or a security guard, we’re always here to keep your premises secure.

a.p.i. Alarm Inc. remains the top choice for residential and commercial customers throughout Canada and the United States when seeking the best security systems for residential or commercial use. If you’re interested in learning more about our customizable security systems and our ULC certified alarm monitoring station, contact us and a security consultant will work with you to design a security system that meets and exceeds your needs.

Doorbell Cameras

Smart doorbell cameras add a significant level of security to your home or business at a very affordable price point. Doorbell cameras come from several manufacturers and all work a little differently, but they nearly all feature a camera and microphone, and offer a variety of features such as two-way communication and live video streaming to smart phone apps.

When it comes to knowing who’s at the door and keeping an eye on packages and other visitors when you’re away, and ensuring that you only open your door when you truly need to, a smart doorbell camera is essential.

When used in conjunction with a home security system, doorbell cameras can provide heightened protection and peace of mind.

Video Surveillance Systems and Security Cameras

Thanks to advancements in technologies, security cameras now almost all enable remote viewing and recording to the cloud or a connected NVR video surveillance system or storage-array. Newer versions of security cameras can detect movement, people, and other objects from a great distance enabling remote alerts and optimized recordings. Other commercial video surveillance systems and security cameras can even provide intelligence based on the image analysis conducted; some of the more advanced video surveillance systems are now capable of such things as ensuring occupancy counts by way of counting the number of people who enter and exit an establishment, facial recognition, or reading license plates, using machine learning image analysis. Our security experts can help you devise a video surveillance strategy suitable for your premises and security needs, and help to ensure you remain compliant with obligatory privacy requirements.

You can rely on a.p.i. ALARM’s skilled and experience security experts to provide you with the best video surveillance solution. Whether you require security cameras for your home, or video surveillance for a multifamily building, commercial building, warehouse, industrial building, office tower, institutional building, public infrastructure, or otherwise, a.p.i. ALARM will help you design and install a customized video surveillance solution that meets and exceeds your precise needs and requirements.

Home Fire Protection

Home fire protection operates much like having your own home fire alarm. Protect your home and family from the risk of fire with smoke detectors and CO detectors connected to a security system that’s monitored by our ULC certified alarm monitoring station. Seconds matter when there’s a fire, your security system will instantly relay a signal to our central alarm monitoring station upon one of your connected smoke, heat, CO, and gas detectors going off without being disarmed, where one of our highly-trained security experts will immediately assess the situation and, if needed, dispatch emergency fire services.

a.p.i. ALARM continues to stay ahead of the curve as residential and commercial security technology advances, don’t be left behind with an old security solution that’s difficult to update, rely on a.p.i. ALARM to work with you to deliver the very best home and business security systems.

We’d be happy to speak with you about any security solutions you may require, please contact us to discuss your requirements.