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A home invasion is a type of burglary. However, it is a type of burglary that can involve physical violence and life-threatening injuries. A home invasion differs from a burglary in that in a home invasion, a burglar will enter the home while it is occupied. The benefit of this is that the burglar can use intimidation tactics and even violence to gain immediate access to high-value items in your home.

A frightening fact is that one in five burglars will also cut phone lines. This means that not only will you be unable to contact emergency services via your landline, but your wired alarm will also be useless, preventing the signal from being sent to the monitoring centre.

How To Protect Your Home Against Invaders Cutting Phone Lines

  1. Invest in a 24-Hour Monitoring Service
    A 24-hour monitoring service will not only monitor your home for potential threats on a 24/7 basis, but the company will also contact emergency services in the event that a disaster strikes your home. You will feel peace of mind knowing that if an emergency were to unexpectedly strike, help is on the way. This service also takes the pressure of contacting relevant people in a high-stress situation off of you, allowing you to focus on moving you and your family to safety.
  2. Keep An Extra Cell Phone And Charger On Hand
    It is very beneficial to keep an extra cell phone and charger in the room that you have designed as your “safe spot”. If a home invasion occurs and phone lines are cut, you will hopefully still be able to contact emergency services via your cell phone.
  3. Choose A Cellular Security System
    The next best thing you can do to prevent against home invaders is to choose a cellular security system. The signal will be sent through the air, making it very difficult (if not impossible) for a burglar to prevent it from going to the monitoring station.
  4. Make Your Phone Line Difficult To Reach
    A final way to protect your phone line from being cut is to make your phone line difficult to reach. For example, if you place it high above your roof, this will significantly deter the burglar from attempting to cut it.

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