What Is Line Cut Protection?

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Burglars prefer to break into a home when they know that there is no one around to raise alarm, but they can also invade your home at night when you are asleep. In the latter case, burglars take precautionary measures to ensure that you are unable to contact emergency services before they are finished, so they will disable your alarm system leaving you with no way to reach out, especially if you don’t have a mobile backup.

Line Cut Protection

One of the things that burglars do when invading a home is to cut the phone and modem lines, interfering with your internet data plan connected to your computers, home phone, and mobile device. This means that you cannot contact anyone for help. Additionally, alarm systems are typically snaked through the phone lines so they can relay a signal to the security company via the same line, or bundled with other lines leaving the house, and if they are also cut, you cannot raise alarm.

Protect yourself with line cut protection

When your home is invaded by experienced burglars, they know exactly where to search for your phone and alarm lines, though the situation is not hopeless.

With Line Cut Protection, you get long distance radios that serve as both a fail-safe measure when your phone line is not functioning and a second level of defence against normal technical failures or maintenance shutdowns. These long distance radios provide wireless communication with the monitoring station, allowing you to stay connected even when your phone line is cut or down.

The Line Cut Protection receiver is set-up on the network in such a way that there is an overlap of coverage, providing increased system integrity and stability through redundant signal transmission.

Here are some features of the a.p.i. Alarm Inc. Line Cut Protection system:

  • Works with a faulty or damaged telephone line
  • Redundancy in alarm monitoring system
  • No extra cost for licensing or using air time
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly plans for self-testing

The Bottom Line on Line Cut Protection

Line Cut Protection provides a great way to keep your phone lines and alarm systems active even when experienced burglars invade your home, so you can always reach out for help. Wireless monitoring provides a simple solution to the easy landline snip targeted by most burglars. Because the signal is relayed through the air, it is difficult for the average burglar to even try to stop the security monitoring station from receiving it.

If cutting your land-line is not an option, the burglar will have to abandon the job and find an easier target. Contact the a.p.i. Alarm Inc. team today to find out how we can help better protect your home!

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