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How Long does the Average Burglary Last?

How Long Does The Average Burglary Last

The average burglar takes less than a minute to break into your home and overall 8 to 12 minutes to get out again.

In the first minute, the burglar lurks outside your property, looking for signs that there is no one there and assessing whether your house is a good target. The burglar then approaches the front door and rings the doorbell to ensure that there’s nobody home. In case the door is answered, the person may pretend to be someone looking for information and ask some questions, or pretend to have the wrong house.

If it seems that no one is home, the burglars will then go to the back of your home, where there are usually only few witnesses to be encountered, and break in. In less than a single minute, the burglars will find themselves inside your home looking for valuables, starting with the master bedroom, where most valuables are hidden. If they’re unsatisfied with what you have in the master bedroom, they ransack the rest of the house so they can steal as much as possible, before calling their partner to approach with a vehicle to they can load up the goods.

What happens to your stolen items?

After you get robbed, the burglars quickly turn the stolen items into cash. Usually, they unload the loot anonymously, like by selling through eBay, Craigslist, or a pawn shop, which makes it nearly hard to find property once it is stolen.

So, how can you prevent thefts from happening in the first place?

Most burglaries occur when people are on holiday or outside the house, between 10:00AM and 3:00PM. But still, they are looking for easy access to steal whatever they can and get out of the house as soon as possible. So, there are a few things that you can do make your home unattractive to burglars.

First, install secure locks on all doors and windows and remember to lock them. Second, install a complete home security system comprising alarms, surveillance system, detectors, and sensors. There are different packages for security systems, so you may choose one that incorporates fire and smoke sensors, CCTV cameras, glass break sensors, driveway sensors, motion-sensored lighting, automated home lighting, advanced lock systems, and the likes.

Basically, the fact alone that there is an alarm system installed, is enough to defend against many home intruders, but complete surveillance and other security equipment can give you greater peace of mind. You should also maintain vegetation and shrubbery around your home so burglars don’t have anywhere to hide in your compound.

Being proactive will help to prevent burglary; contact the a.p.i. Alarm Inc. team today to find out how.