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Is Your Home Safe For The Baby

Most parents are aware of the importance of baby proofing their home before the baby arrives. But just how safe is your home? There are many unsuspecting threats in the home that can be very easy to overlook when baby-proofing. Here is a comprehensive guide to making your home as safe as possible for your new baby.

Overall House Safety:

Between children’s gates and electrical covers, it is easy to forget about the big picture when it comes to safety. Keeping your baby safe also means protecting him or her from the threat of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. A home without a functioning smoke alarm, for example, makes the possibility of death four times more likely.

  • Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors on Every LevelIn fact, in Ontario, the law now makes it a requirement for every home to have a smoke detector. Ensure that you test your smoke detector every month and change the batteries at least twice every year.

Safety in the Nursery:

SIDS comprises only one category of accidental deaths. Accidental suffocation and strangulation are also very serious threats to babies.

  • Cribs Should Be EmptyCribs should not have pillows, blankets, bumpers, crib wedges, baby recliners or toys in them. All of these items can promote suffocation and/or strangulation. Keep in mind that all mattresses should be firm.

Other Concerns:

  • Add Corner-and-Edge Protectors To TablesThe most common cause of children-related accidents in the home is due to accidental falls. Once your baby begins learning how to walk, he or she is obviously going to be prone to many tumbles. Minimize the risk of injury with corner and edge protectors on all tables.
  • Secure All CordsHanging cords on blinds, for example, can be very dangerous for babies and young children as they can very easily tangle themselves up in them. Ideally, all blinds should be cordless but at least ensure that all hanging cords are secured if this is not an option. Similarly, ensure that all other kinds of cords in the home, such as those from lamps and other appliances are hidden with a flex holder device so that your baby will not pull on them, causing heavy weighted items to topple over and hurt your baby.
  • Have Your Home Tested For Lead PaintLead exposure can lead to brain damage in children. If your home is older, it is particularly important that you have your home tested for lead paint on walls and window frames.

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