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24 Hours Security Monitoring Services

Do you have kids at home? Do you have a home office with valuable office equipment? Do you have a property that you need kept safe and secure at all times? You need a.p.i. Alarm Inc. 24 Hour Monitoring service.


Why You Need 24 HR Monitoring

With our constant security monitoring services, you’ll never have to worry about coming home only to find doors open and your possessions exposed to the elements. Our monitoring station can monitor you for fire, burglary, carbon monoxide, flood, building temperature, and even personal emergencies (e.g. medical), and send a signal to our central station in the event of an intrusion so that appropriate action can be taken immediately.

Theft is an unfortunate reality of life, and no one is completely immune. You may return to your home or office to find the outside door slightly ajar and your possessions turned upside down and tossed around.

Even with modern sophisticated equipment, monitoring is essential. The extra layer of protection that 24-hour monitoring offers is priceless. Inside your home, the siren is very effective at driving out an intruder, whilst outside, it can help deter a thief or alert passersby. A combo of better user education, user-friendly equipment, and more intricate monitoring will help to significantly enhance your security and protection.

Alarm Monitoring System

What to Expect

We don’t install just equipment; we install a strategy. We install equipment, monitor the area and put in place a complete response plan that is unique to your requirements enabling our ULC Listed Monitoring Station to act and save those precious few seconds.

There are many reasons why you should have an alarm monitoring system in your home, such as a fire or a pipe bursting when no one is around. Our solution allows you to view live video and even receive images of specific activity taking place inside or inside your residence anytime, anywhere.

  • You can keep an eye on your home and loved ones
  • Guard against trespassers
  • Screen visitors at entrance ways
  • Monitor multiple locations inside/outside your home
  • Monitor vulnerable areas
  • Manually record video clips or take snapshots
  • Quickly and easily record and playback videos


24/7 Security Monitoring Alarm System

As soon as any untoward event is detected by your alarm monitoring system, such as power failure, tamper switch, or intrusion, your security system will automatically send a signal to our 24-hour monitoring centre.

It is only a matter of seconds before one of our highly trained operators respond to the alarm depending on the signal received. Possible actions include:

  • Calling the premises to confirm the exact nature of the emergency
  • Calling you or another contact on your emergency list to notify you (them) of the situation
  • Sending out a patrol guard to investigate and verify the alarm
  • Send an ambulance, fire brigade, or police