CCTV Video Camera Surveillance Security Systems

Remotely Monitor your Business or Building with a Video Security System


CCTV Video Surveillance and Video Security Camera Systems for Business

Remotely monitor your business or buildings with a.p.i. Alarm Inc. security camera systems. a.p.i. ALARM Inc. also provides "Eyes in the Sky" Video Surveillance where our security experts will continually monitor your video surveillance system from our Central Station.

Our security experts will work with you to survey your premises and determine the most effective video security solution for your premises.

With a combination of multiple outdoor, indoor, elevator, and entry cameras you can view live video of your premises with any device, phone or computer, from anywhere there's an internet connection from multiple angles and monitoring all points of egress.

  • Remotely monitor your entire building
  • Deter intruders and vandalism
  • Combine with an Access Control System and Security System for the Ultimate in Protection

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Video Surveillance Security Camera Systems, Video Verification & Video Security Monitoring services

  • Video Verification and Video Security Monitoring services have a.p.i. Alarm Inc. security experts remotely monitoring your video security system at predetermined intervals and when alerted.
  • Monitor employees to ensure their safety and security
  • Increase building security with Video Verification Entry Services
  • Remotely access and monitor on your own anytime
  • Save on false dispatches and manned guard patrols

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