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How to Benefit Your Business Through Video Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are a versatile tool that can be used to improve employee efficiency, efforts against shrinkage, safety of the premise, and provide evidence in case of insurance premiums. The main effect of having a surveillance system is psychological — once people know they’re being watched and recorded, their behaviour changes.

Employee efficiency

Wasting time at work is a well documented pattern of human behaviour, but it’s also tricky when it comes to finding the right balance because if you push your employees too hard, you risk overworking them and then having to budget either a recuperation period or finding suitable replacements. On the other hand, having employees bored at work all day is also bad for morale, so help your employees find a manageable level of productivity by installing surveillance systems where:

  • Employees are likely to take breaks, both officially and unofficially, like a back room closet
  • Areas where there are often no supervisors around
  • It’s important to have at least one person stationed in that area at all times

Curbing shrinkage

Inventory loss happens for a number of reasons but theft is chief among the most common causes of shrinkage. There are a number of measures you could take to stop theft with surveillance being one of the more affordable options. By setting up a camera system, you don’t have to take time away from supervisors to keep an eye on the employees, but also, you’re removing your reliance on supervisors to report to you. The camera acts as a deterrent, and only when things go wrong do you need to review the surveillance tapes closely.

Improving sales

If your business relies on foot traffic for sales, as you would in retail, then you may be disappointed to learn that attracting unsavory people can drive away customers who feel unsafe in your store. By having surveillance on site, people who want to avoid being filmed will naturally avoid your store.

Insurance costs

Some businesses are more prone than others to providing a site or opportunity for potential injury or damage to property, and in this case, insurance coverage can amount to very high premiums. Many insurance companies will reduce the cost of coverage if you install security cameras, making your business less expensive to run.

Your business’ profitability can be improved with the installation of cameras. Learn more about how we can help to make your business safer.