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If you have pets, chances are high you treat them just like a member of the family. It doesn’t matter if you have dogs, cats or a pot bellied pig – you want to keep your pets as safe as all family members.

Protecting pets actually targeted by thieves

The last thing you want is to find a burglar has not only taken your material things, but something you and your family loves dearly – your pet. If they think they can sell your pet for a good amount of cash, they might be tempted. Having a monitored home security system to alert authorities when a break-in happens, will help reduce this chance so you won’t have to suffer that heartbreak.

Indoor cameras

Indoor cameras monitor everything at all times. If your home security system includes a mobile app where you can get a live feed, even better. This will let you keep a close eye on your pets no matter where you are.

Pet sensors

A lot of people avoid including motion sensors as a part of their home security out of fear that their pets will set it off, but many home security systems now include pet-friendly sensors designed not to go off whenever an animal weighing about 60 pounds or less walks by. For instance, If you have cats or small dogs, they won’t set off the alarm.

Automatic door locks

You’ve gone out and you suddenly feel like you haven’t closed the door and worse – what if your pets get out? Some systems provide automatic door locks that lock whenever you want using your mobile app. So even if you do forget, your pets will be safe since you’ll be able to lock the door remotely.

Window cling decals

People with home security systems often place signs or decals on their homes letting potential burglars know that the place is protected by a security system. And this helps keep animals safe, because emergency personnel will know there are pets in your home. Decals add extra protection to your home safety and security plan.

A safety net for your pet sitter

If you use a pet sitter instead of kenneling your pet while you’re away, your home security system can be set up with a temporary access code the sitter can use to get into your home. This way, your pet can stay in the comfort and safety of its own home.

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