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Why So Many Home Security Systems Are Now Using Cell Phones

In our increasingly technology-driven society, cellphones are ubiquitous. We now use our cell phones to do more tasks than ever before, including to send e-mails and pay for items at the store. Naturally, it makes sense that this technology would also be incorporated into the very way we run our homes, which extends to how we manage our home security systems.

One of the latest advancements when it comes to home security systems is a feature called remote home monitoring. This allows you to monitor your home security system, and a number of other things, via your cell phone or tablet. This explains exactly why so many home security systems are now using cell phones; they allow the homeowner more control over their home security system and ultimately, more security and protection, too.

Benefits of Remote Home Monitoring

  • Ability to Monitor Your Home Security System Remotely
    Just as the name would imply, remote home monitoring makes it possible for you to monitor your home security system while you are away from your home. This enables you to do a number of things, including checking in on the status of your system, as well as arming and disarming your alarm, to name only a few.
  • Ability to View Security Camera Feeds Remotely
    The ability to view your security camera feeds remotely allows you to check in on your children, your pets and your home while you are either away at work, running errands or even on vacation. The peace of mind that remote home monitoring offers homeowners is unparalleled.
  • Instant Notifications In the Event of an Emergency
    In the event that an emergency occurs at your home while you are not there, such as a burglary or fire, you will receive an instant notification on your cell phone, whether by phone call, text or e-mail. This allows you to react as quickly as possible. Remote home monitoring will also notify you in the event that your home encounters an issue with temperature control.
  • Reduction of Your Carbon Footprint: A More Environmentally Friendly Home
    Remote home monitoring can make it possible to turn on and off certain parts of your home remotely, such as your thermostat or lights, for example. When you accidentally leave on lights, you are wasting energy. Remote home monitoring enables you to reduce your carbon footprint and live in a greener, more environmentally friendly home.

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