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Elevator monitoring services track all elevator activity on a 24/7 basis. It is a great asset to businesses and this is why:

  • Increased Security
    In the event of a power outage or other mechanical failure, the elevator monitoring service will contact the 24-hour communications centre and technicians immediately. This makes it impossible that you will ever have an employee stranded in an elevator. The communication centres are also trained to handle these traumatic experiences with a calming voice and to do so quickly so that businesses can continue running. You can feel peace of mind knowing that you and your employees are being monitored and are safe.Fear of elevators is quite common, whether it is a fear of falling or fearing that you may become stuck in an elevator. An elevator monitoring service can make your employees much more calm.
  • Criminal Activity Deterrent
    Many people regularly take advantage of the privacy in elevators to commit various criminal acts. It is a vulnerable space that can lead to powerlessness. However, if people know that they are being recorded, this acts as a deterrent against such crimes. Elevator monitoring services act in the same way as burglary alarms.
  • Prevention of Mechanical Failures
    Elevator monitoring services can spot a mechanical failure before it happens. Although most people will not notice a slight variation in the way an elevator is functioning, an elevator monitoring service will be able to detect these small changes and prevent the problem. This is particularly relevant because the majority of mechanical failures occur without prior warning. Once this change is detected by the monitoring company, technicians will be notified immediately before it becomes a bigger problem for your company. In essence, an elevator monitoring service ensures that your elevator is in peak condition at all times.
  • Legal Protection
    Elevator monitoring services provide numerous legal benefits, protecting your company from severe financial losses in the event that someone becomes stuck in your elevator.Similarly, in the event that someone is injured in your elevator or even makes false injury claims, elevator monitoring services provide an exact record of the event and will be able to determine if the injury or illness occurred as a result of the elevator or due to an outside factor.
  • Insurance Savings
    Investing in an elevator monitoring service can lead to increased insurance savings due to the fact that your business is now more secure—especially if you choose a reputable monitoring service. Over time, the elevator monitoring service will pay for itself.

a.p.i. Alarm Inc.’s Elevator Protect Service will allow you to feel secure and protected at all times. Contact us today to learn more.