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Airbnb is a very popular service that allows people to both list and book vacation homes. With verified IDs as well as detailed profiles and reviews of the hosts, Airbnb is very committed to keeping everyone safe. However, Airbnb has also had a number of horror stories emerge in recent years. Those who are staying in Airbnbs should take precautionary measures to ensure that they have a safe and pleasant stay.

  • Carefully Review Your Host’s ProfileEnsure that your host has verified their ID with their driver’s license, passport and phone number and that they have connected their profile to their social networks such as Facebook. If you don’t see checkmarks beside all of these items, it is highly advised to avoid booking with this host. Airbnb itself recommends that guests review their host’s profile for the following items: connected social networks and references.
  • Read Through Your Host’s ReviewsA host with a higher number of positive reviews is better than a host with fewer reviews – a minimum of three is absolutely necessary for you to even consider staying with that particular host.Always avoid a host that has any negative reviews. Afterall, the key here is to find a host with a great reputation. You will find the total number of reviews on your host’s profile page.
  • Check the ‘Trust Section’The ‘trust’ section of their page will also show whether they have verified their ID and whether they have been rated as a ‘superhost.’
  • Communicate with Your HostIt is a good idea to strike up a conversation with your host before proceeding with your booking. Do this through Airbnb’s messaging option. If the communication seems off to you, listen to your intuition and find another place to stay. For example, you might inquire about the safety measures of the house to help you feel more secure.
  • Pay Strictly on AirbnbA second tip from Airbnb is to always pay and communicate through Airbnb’s messaging system. This will prevent fraud and other potential breaches of security from occurring. In fact, making payments outside of Airbnb is strictly prohibited.
  • Print Out the Safety CardIf an emergency were to occur, it is wise to have an idea of the location of hospitals and other important information. After you have made your reservation, you will be able to see the safety card that your host has filled out, which will have safety information such as contact information and location of fire extinguishers and exit routes. Keep this information visible during your stay. Also keep Airbnb’s customer service number on hand.

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