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The capital of Canada, Ottawa has a reputation as a leading global city. With a population of over 800,000 people, Ottawa continues to be recognized in Canada for its business leadership and its cultural diversity. The city’s positioning at the confluence of the three major rivers – the Gatineau, the Ottawa, and the Rideau made Ottawa a leading hub of trade in early Canadian history, a position that has helped the area develop its strong commercial roots and links with worldwide business partners. a.p.i. Alarm Inc. has a significant presence throughout Ottawa and our team has helped many Ottawa homeowners and business owners protect their properties harnessing the latest in security technology.

As a leading area company, a.p.i. Alarm Inc. has a complete understanding of the importance Ottawa property owners place on security within their area. The Ottawa community is immensely protective of one another and this protective nature has helped the various areas of the city remain safe for generations. Now, our team at a.p.i. Alarm Inc. is working to keep Ottawa residents safe and provide them with the benefit of our decades of experience within the security marketplace. It is this experience that has helped a.p.i. Alarm Inc. to build refined solutions to many common security challenges.

A Broad Suite of Versatile Security Services

Ottawa residents understand the need for a comprehensive security solution designed to protect their home or business with guaranteed performance. They select a.p.i. Alarm Inc. because our organization is able to offer them the following:

  1. Medical Alerts for Personal Security

    The a.p.i. Alarm Inc. medical alert services are second-to-none within the local Ottawa community. It’s a service that will alert a security specialist the moment a button is pressed on the person’s device. The device connects using a.p.i. Alarm Inc.’s leading-class two-way technology directly to an operator on the other end of the line. The operator can then immediately dispatch medical personnel to the user’s location, if required.

  2. Access Control Systems for Businesses

    a.p.i. Alarm Inc. is one of the leading market companies for the latest in access control technology. We help organizations protect critical infrastructure areas through control systems that give the company the control access to their premises. A leading advantage of working with a.p.i. Alarm Inc. is that we’re able to offer both on-premises and off-premises systems depending on the unique needs of the organization. It’s the versatile security solution for high-powered infrastructure protection.

By working with home and business owners throughout Ottawa, a.p.i. Alarm Inc. has built strong relationships with our client-base in the region. To learn more on the full range of services we’re now offering, please contact our trusted team directly and begin the creation of your personal security plan.

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