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Residential Rewards Program

Join the thousands of a.p.i. Alarm Inc. clients that are already taking advantage of the rewards from the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan today.

Residential Rewards Program

Sign Up Now for Immediate Enrolment

If you choose the pre-authorized payment plan, and if your monitoring is paid up to date, please print one of the following forms

Bank Account

Complete the form, attach a voided cheque or deposit slip encoded with your bank and transit number and return them to the address listed on the form: Pre-Authorized Payment Form.pdf

Credit Card

Complete the form and return it to the address listed on the form. Your authorization may be cancelled at any time, upon 30 days written notice before the next payment date: Credit Card Form.pdf

Why sign up?

You will no longer have to write cheques or stand in line to pay your bills. The payments are always deducted on the first business day each month so you will never have to guess when they are due and they will be recorded automatically on your chequing account statement.

Easy to Budget

You can pay in instalments spread out over 12 months so it’s lighter on your budget.


One authorization is all that is required for your payments to be deducted automatically from your account – reducing your postage and cheque costs.

Earn Valuable Credit Card Bonus Points

You may be able to earn valuable credit card bonus points by having your monthly payments submitted by your credit card.


There are no cheques to get lost or stolen.


Your payments will always be made on time. Even if you’re out of town, or there is a postal disruption. Avoiding the embarrassment of missed payments, and the cost of any interest charges.

Easy to Change

If you have changed your bank account, simply notify a.p.i. Alarm Inc. of the change in writing, providing 30 days notice before the next payment date, and a new agreement will be arranged so your payments can continue without interruption. If an incorrect amount is processed against your account, notify Customer Service to have it corrected.

Interest and Charges

a.p.i. Alarm Inc. will charge $25.00 plus applicable interest, for any payment due not cleared through your account. If a payment is not cleared through your account, you will automatically revert to the regular instalment program and a bill will be issued to you.


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