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Residential Security

a.p.i Alarm provides flexible and customizable residential security system solutions.

Are you and your loved ones really secure behind the four walls of your house?

a.p.i. Alarm provides flexible & customizable residential security system solutions for your home & residential complexes. Choose from a wide range of options available to make your home safer.

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Commercial Security

We are prepared and committed to cater to your most challenging security needs.

At A.p.i, we know and understand how much you care about your loved ones, your business, and everything else you have worked hard to get in this life. As such, we endeavour to ensure that everything that has meaning to you is protected from all pertinent threats. If you have any concerns, queries, thoughts, or second thoughts about installing a security and monitoring system, please feel free to contact our professional personnel.

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At a.p.i. Alarm, we are always prepared for you and your security needs

a.p.i. Alarm Inc. is North America’s largest privately owned and operated full service security company. A position that a.p.i. Alarm has maintained year after year. We understand that the security needs for a home unit, and any small/medium sized business or a commercial enterprise are entirely different. That is why we provide all our customers tailor-made, case-specific and cost-effective solutions so that they get exactly what they need.

Don’t be stuck taking a reactive approach after something has gone wrong at your home. Instead, have a.p.i. Alarm help you design and assemble the most ideal alarm system for your unique security needs to prevent anything from ever going awry at your home. Nothing will make you feel as safe as having a home alarm system that is professionally monitored 24/7. No city, suburb, or neighbourhood is immune from residential break-ins so start feeling protected today!
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  • Fire Safety: Be Aware
  • New Homes at Risk
  • Sources of CO
  • Vacation Time
  • Daily Safety
  • Keeping Our Children Safe
  • Computers

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