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The fifth largest city in the GTA (General Toronto Area), Vaughan comprises of six major communities: Woodbridge, Vaughan Metropolitan Area, Maple, Thornhill, Concord, and Kleinburg. The city is home to a diverse and multicultural community and has a thriving business presence. With a population of almost 300,000 people, Vaughan is a quickly growing city with a significant suburban area. At a.p.i. Alarm Inc., we’re committed to helping the residents of Vaughan and the surrounding areas to protect their homes and businesses from the latest security threats. Our team has a growing presence in the area and has helped a broad range of clients across Vaughan to secure their properties.

Our team has worked with Vaughan homeowners throughout the Thornhill and Woodbridge communities to protect their properties with the latest security innovations. Thanks to the experience of our team within the security industry, local Vaughan property owners can depend upon our services to ensure their families and businesses are safe. We understand the importance of safety for those throughout the Vaughan region. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive service suite that responds to the broad range of safety concerns experienced by Vaughan homeowners.

Leading Class Security for Vaughan Homeowners

Our residential services suite is among the most comprehensive within the local marketplace. It’s a service suite that includes the following options for proactive property owners:

  1. Cutting-Edge Video Surveillance

    Our video surveillance service stands out for providing picture-perfect details on the immediate surroundings of the client’s home. The Eye in the Sky surveillance system allows homeowners to complete a number of security protocols for high level home safety. It allows homeowners to confirm the identity of guests before they enter the property. It also allows homeowners to receive video footage to their devices anywhere in the world – for relaxing peace-of-mind.

  2. Line Cut Protection

    Line cut protection helps reduce the risks of a phone line being disconnected during a potential security incident. It’s a service that capitalizes on the use of long-distance radios to communicate important data when phone lines are down or have been cut. This means homeowners are protected despite not having access to their phone lines.

  3. Pinpoint Protection for Businesses

    a.p.i. Alarm Inc. also partners with businesses across Vaughan to ensure their valuables are safe and that their team can conduct operations in complete safety. Our commercial suite includes:

  • Emergency Response Planning

    We’ll develop an emergency response plan that ensures the business owner’s assets are protected against all possible security or emergency scenarios. It’s a service designed based on a foundation of many decades’ experience in the security field.

  • Access Control Systems

    Most businesses house private areas that require high level exterior protection. At a.p.i. Alarm Inc. we offer dynamic access control systems that give business owners the ability to control who gets in to secure areas of their facility. It’s a versatile system that ensures a business and its assets are protected against break-ins.

To discover more on the full range of services a.p.i. Alarm Inc. offers in the Vaughan area, contact our trusted team today!

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